"I think this is an all around excellent fitness studio. The coaches and members are extremely encouraging. Just show up, work as hard as you can, and see the amazing results you can create.."  – JAN E.



"Core X is a great fitness center for all levels. The coaches are all very personal and make you feel welcomed. They have very affordable rates.  My husband and I enjoy both the workout classes as well as the personal training. I worked out at several gyms and several other fitness centers but wasn't comfortable with the trainers or the staff. Core X made us feel very comfortable. The coaches are extremely motivating and I would highly recommend anyone looking to lose weight and improve their lifestyle to." 

– ANNA G. 



"I've been attending core x for about a month now. I look forward to going every single time no matter how sore or tired I am. The coaches know how to keep you motivated and they have honestly pushed me to some limits where I've never taken myself to before. It doesn't get easier, you just get better. Every week I feel stronger! If your the type of person who needs that push and lack the motivation to get to the gym, try this place. It will change your way of thinking. Invest in yourself - if you don't do it, no one else will do it for you!  Btw, There are about 6 coaches and I've taken classes with 5 of them. Gotta say they are all very motivating, so you will enjoy a hard but great workout every time."  – KARLA C.



"“If you feel like you need that extra push in your workouts, this is the place.”"