Mely Amador

I started training at Core X after finally making the decision to make a change and invest in health. It was the first time I hired a trainer so I wasn't sure what to expect and after just my first training session I went home with such a high that I knew it was the best decision I made. During my 90 day program my body was tested, pushed, and challenged in ways I didn't know were possible. I found strength, endurance, and the confidence I was missing to truly feel like myself. The workouts were so different from anything in other gyms. The energy and music in the studio was always on point and the staff and members were kind, fun, and welcoming. It soon became my favorite place. The personal training sessions were the highlight of my week. Everyone was knowledgeable, professional, and so cool. It didn't matter how much I cried and complained they never let me give up, they motivated and encouraged me, they always pushed me just a little further, and most importantly they believed in me. My results were more than I could have wished for and it only left me wanting more. It was only the beginning for me.


Ruth Chavira

I'm very lucky to say that I met David and Eric during their time at Bally's, then followed them to Bootcamp at the park and now at our Core X home. After having my two babies in 2014 and returning to group training at Core X, I was given the opportunity to work hard towards my weight loss goal while gaining strength. Every pound I shed was a struggle but also used as a motivational tool. When I reached my weight goal, I decided to embark in the personal training experience. I felt ready, strong, committed and determined to continue making the best of my fitness regime. Through personal training, I was able to push my limits in ways that I never thought I could. Personal training guided my fitness activity by working specific muscle groups on a daily basis as well as applying a nutrition component that maximized my results. They presented and guided the workouts that had to be done, while I maintained a results driven mentally, trusted the process and it's been a tremendous experience. I'm now equipped and confident with my learnings through my journey. I enjoy fitness, as it's become the lifestyle I chose and I couldn't have done it without my trainer and my Core X home. 


Seema Talati

My sister and I started Core X July 5, 2016. I had tried various places, programs and the gym, but I didn't see great results nor did I find it motivating. So, for my birthday, my present to myself was to find a trainer and lose weight. Then, I was introduced to Core X and have not regretted my decision to sign up since. They have provided me with tools to help succeed with my goals which include various customized meal plans, user friendly phone apps and is easily available to answer any questions. The Core X program is not a short term program, it's a lifestyle change that can be sustained for years to come. Core X pushes me to the limit alongside being motivating. My results after round 1 exceeded my expectations. I lost 12 pounds and 2 1/12 inches off my waistline. Another positive result was my blood pressure decreased so I no longer need to consider taking medication borderline hypertension. I  can't wait to see results after round 2. Thanks for everything Core X!


Zaira Briseño

I've always been an active person my whole life. I played sports up until high school and then joined a gym ever since. I've always loved trying different activities that challenge my mind and body. Being at Core X gave me both! I stared personal training Feb 2016 and although I was seeing results I wasn't getting to where I wanted until my personal trainer mad me believe that I could get my goal. He pushed me and challenged me and at times I wanted to give up but he reminded me as to why I was there. I love how I was still able to go to the gym and know that I could easily get onto their app if I ever needed pointers if I didn't know how to do a certain exercise. My trainer was always available if I had questions about my nutrition or certain workouts. In August I finally reached my goal, slowly but surely. I built so much strength on my upper body that I didn't know I even know I had until my cellulite on my legs started to disappear! I feel really good and happy I decided to join Core X.